Animals & Coins Island Levels Guide

Animals & Coins levels guide includes how to complete levels, island item build free rewards, level islands build costs, list of island levels and tips.

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What Are Island Levels in Animals & Coins?

In Animals & Coins, levels are known as islands. Players can build island items, complete a level, and move to the next island.

Your progress and stars tell you how you’re doing in the game. Users are able to view their current level via the “Build” screen.

How to Complete Island Levels in Animals & Coins?

To finish an island level, build six items using game coins. Each item shows a cost with a green button; tap it to build.

You get free energy and stars for each item and even more for completing the level.

  • Item Build Rewards: 2 energy and stars
  • Level Completion Rewards: More energy and other rewards

Animals & Coins Island Levels Costs

It’s tricky to find all levels’ costs, but at the start, they’re low and increase slowly. Higher levels need more coins, but you get better rewards by completing them.

List of Animals & Coins Island Levels

There are 750 island levels in Animals & Coins. Check the list by tapping the map icon in the main menu or on your current island level (top right corner).

  1. Spring Break
  2. Hawaiian Tan
  3. Taqueria
  4. Icy Mountain
  5. Beach Camping
  6. Sunset Sea
  7. Desert Caravan
  8. Poseidon’s Kingdom
  9. Tea Market
  10. Venice
  11. Princess Touch
  12. Ape Town (New Pet unlock)
  13. Alpine Resort
  14. Farmer’s Daughter
  15. Hay
  16. Sommelier Island
  17. Purple Spell
  18. Siesta
  19. China Town
  20. El Balcon
  21. Gym
  22. Magical Library
  23. Sunny Day
  24. High Noon
  25. Game Station (New Pet unlock)
  26. Mud House
  27. Picnic Brunch
  28. Isla Del Osos
  29. Helvetia
  30. Ancient Olympia
  31. Big In Japan
  32. Panda Fun Island
  33. Tropical Hut
  34. Concrete Jungle
  35. Synthwave
  36. Desert Road
  37. Hollywood
  38. Arabian Nights
  39. Roman Holiday
  40. Hit It Big
  41. The Queen
  42. Art Attack
  43. Au Chateau
  44. Tulips’ Land
  45. Bella Bellezza
  46. Midgard Lore
  47. Medieval Tournament
  48. Pharaoh’s Land
  49. Circus City
  50. Haunted Castle
  51. Concrete Dreams
  52. Good Neighbors
  53. Wedding Day
  54. Favela Beach
  55. Gelatin Madness
  56. Future City
  57. Christmas Times
  58. Thanksgiving
  59. Patrick’s Joy
  60. White Season (Fortune Chase event unlock)
  61. Kindergarten
  62. Senses Spa
  63. The Groceries
  64. Cider Crafting
  65. Pets Play
  66. Good Vibes
  67. Mining Crystals
  68. Wonderlands
  69. The Museum
  70. The Wrath
  71. Shopping Day
  72. The Barber
  73. The Playground
  74. Medical Attention
  75. Bowling Club
  76. Construction Site
  77. Laundry Day
  78. Firefighters
  79. The Taboon
  80. Police Station (New Pet unlock)
  81. Cosmetics Club
  82. Heaven
  83. Movie Theater
  84. Classroom
  85. Dia De Los Muertos
  86. Cyber Game
  87. Sweet Dreams
  88. Farmland
  89. Pastry Shop
  90. The Tribe
  91. Space Club
  92. Dumpling Delights
  93. Steampunk
  94. Carnival Fair
  95. Titanic
  96. Jurassic Land
  97. Wonderland
  98. Prince Planet
  99. Dinner Rush
  100. Honey Bee

Note: The level list is long and will be provided in parts. Please visit again for updates. Meanwhile, Check the list in game, by tapping the map icon in the main menu or on your current island level (top right corner).

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