How To Get Infinite Power in Magic Survival? (Explained)

Are you curious about Magic Survival Infinite Power magic? This guide will explain what Infinite Power is and how to unlock Infinite Power in Magic Survival.

What is Infinite Power?

Infinite Power is a special combination of base magic and strengthening magic. The base magic is called “Magic Circle (Arcane Release),” and the strengthening magic is called “Intelligence”.

It’s a special fusion magic that offers several benefits:

  • Only Normal magic is cast.
  • The magic circle permanently lasts.
  • Effect amount increases by 1.35% per magic circle duration 1%,
  • and Magic release efficiently increases by 0.25% per cooldown reduction 1%.

How to Get Infinite Power?

Base MagicStrengthening MagicFusion Magic
Magic Circle (Arcane Release)IntelligenceInfinite Power

Unlocking Infinite Power involves a special in-game feature called Magic Combination. This option becomes available as you level up your character:

  • Level 25: You unlock your first Magic Combination slot.
  • Level 50: You gain another slot for even more powerful combinations.
  • Level 75: You unlock your final Magic Combination slot.

Here’s the key:

Magic Combination allows you to fuse two level 7 spells into a single, powerful one. To unlock Infinite Power, you need to combine:

  • Base Magic: Magic Circle (Arcane Release)
  • Strengthening Magic: Intelligence

By fusing these two spells, you’ll create the amazing Infinite Power magic, granting you permanent magic circle activation and boosted normal magic for unstoppable gameplay.


Once fused, the “Strengthening Magic” (Intelligence) disappears and cannot be used for another combination.

Only normal magic benefits from Infinite Power’s boost.

At Last,

Infinite Power helps conquer challenges in Magic Survival. Remember to Practice, experiment with different magic combinations, and enjoy exploring the magical world.