Animals & Coins Free Energy Link Daily (February 2024)

This guide is about an Animals & Coins energy resource and free ways to get energy in Animals & Coins (Animal Kingdom: Coin Raid) game. If you are looking for Animals & Coins (Animal Kingdom) free energy, then you will like to check given ways.

Let’s start this guide with the main section, which is to get free energy links. Next, we know about the energy resource and game related things.

Animals & Coins free energy links

February 22, 2024
1. Energy Gift Link
February 15, 2024
2. Energy Gift Link
1. Energy Gift Link
February 14, 2024
1. Energy Gift Link
February 12, 2024
1. Energy Gift Link
February 11, 2024
1. Energy Gift Link
February 10, 2024
1. Energy Gift Link

Energy links are reward URLs shared by the Animals & Coins game on the game’s social media pages. They are a daily gift from the game to its players.

How to get energy from Animals & Coins energy links?

To collect free energy from energy links, you need to click on the Animals & Coins energy link. Next, the link page will open the Animal Kingdom game and you will be able to collect energy and more rewards in game.

Here, you need to open an energy gift link from the device where the Animals & Coins game is installed.

Note: Energy reward links can be used one time only and it can also expire after some days. So, if you try to use a link multiple times or an old link, then it will not work for you.

Animals & Coins free energy: more ways

This section contains a list of ways to get free energy in an Animals & Coins game. You can check all the ways to get more energy in the game.

1. Daily rewards

Animals & Coins DAILY REWARDS feature contains day wise and milestone day wise rewards. And, by opening a game daily, you can claim those rewards.

In Daily Rewards, days 1 to 6 contain energy or coin rewards; day 7 contains energy, coins and diamonds; and other 4 milestone days contain gift boxes.

2. Promotional bundles

In game, you find game resources’ promotional bundles. These bundles can have some free offers. So, you can check these Promotional bundles popups and claim free offer rewards, whenever it’s available.

These promotional pop ups are open automatically when you open the game. Or, you can check them from the left sidebar in the game screen.

3. Complete card sets

Card set rewards are the best way to get thousands of energies. In game, to complete card sets, you can collect cards from chests or by card exchange.

Once your card set is completed, you will get free energy and coins as a reward. Here, the reward depends on the card set. Completing a card set is a time taken task, but it gives huge rewards.

4. Events and Tournaments

Events are a great source to win amazing rewards, including energy. In the event, you need to collect symbols and complete the task progress bar. You can collect symbols by performing Attack, Steal and playing the game. In tournaments, you get prizes based on your rank.

Here Jackpot Sammy and Pinata Fiesta are amazing mini-game and an event to collect free rewards.

There are different events available in the game from time to time. As a good practice, you can save your resources for your favorite event and win more rewards.

5. Build and complete island

To make progress in Animals & Coins, you need to build island items and complete island levels. When you build an island item, you get 2 energy and get 25 energy on completing island level by building all five items.

6. Facebook connect

Game gives 50 energy and 2M coins for free, when you play the game with Facebook login. Moreover, your game progress is saved on the server and you can play with friends.

This is an optional feature and you can also play this game as a guest without Facebook login.

7. Friend invite

Friend invite feature introduced in Apr 2023. In this feature, you can invite your friend to play a game. And, on successful game joining of your friend, you will get free rewards. Rewards contain free energy and coins.

8. Social media contests

Animals & Coins hosts contests on their Facebook page. You can take part in the contest by following the game’s social media page and commenting your answer in the contest post.

Here, to increase your chance to win rewards, you need to give the early and correct answer in the post comment.

9. Complete card sets

A card set is a collection of cards with a common theme. In Animals & Coins, each card set contains rewards (Energy, Coins, and more) that can be obtained after completing the set.

Now let’s get some overview about an energy resource in Animals & Coins.

What is Energy in Animals & Coins?

Energy in Animals & Coins is used to build a bridge between two floating blocks, which allows you to move from one block to another. In game, every block gives you something, like coins, diamonds, attack, steal, energy or shields. So, energy is an important resource to continue your game progress.

As energy is continuously used to continue game progress, it will run out frequently. In that case, above given ways to get free energy in Animals & Coins helps to collect more energy in game.

That’s it,

Hope you find this Animals & Coins energy guide helpful.

All links are 100% free and gathered from Animals & Coins official social pages. Animals & Coins game post links on their official social media platforms like Facebook , Twitter, Instagram daily. We just collect them and update them here for game fans and users.

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