How To Get Free Lives in Manor Matters? (Complete Guide)

Topics – What are Manor Matters lives, How to get free lives in Manor Matters and How to get unlimited lives in Manor Matters. Let’s start the game lives guide.

What are lives in Manor Matters?

Lives are needed to launch and play Manor Matters game levels. You can store up to five energy lives.

In game, your life points are not spent, if you win, or quit level without any action. But, you will lose life, if you fail to pass the level.

How to get free lives in Manor Matters?

Following are different ways to get free lives in the Manor Matters game. If you are running out of lives, then these ways are helpful to get more lives.

1. Lives restore

In Manor Matters, your lives are restored automatically. The energy lives restore feature restores one life in 30 minutes.

2. Purchase using coins

You can purchase 5 lives for 900 coins. This way is little costlier, you can use it based on lives requirement and coins balance in game.

3. Exchange lives

You can send and receive lives using the Exchange lives feature from the Mail tab.

In exchange lives, you can send a gift to or request help from each friend. Here, exchange with each friend possible once in 24 hours. Also, gifts can’t be accepted, in case you already have 5 lives or an active unlimited life bonus.

4. Daily lives refill

This is a cool way, where your lives are refilled at the end of day. Here day end time is in-game day.

How to get unlimited lives in Manor Matters?

There are few ways to get unlimited lives in game, includes:

  • By participate in events
  • By participate in competitions
  • As a comeback reward

Unlimited lives in Manor Matters allows you to play the game without spending your lives. These Unlimited lives is a limited time bonus feature. So, as a good practice, continue playing game, when this bonus is active.

This Unlimited lives bonus timer is automatic and starts right after you get this bonus.

That’s it,

Hope you find this Manor Matters lives guide helpful to collect more lives in game.