June’s Journey Energy Guide (Ways to Get Energy)

This guide is about June’s Journey: Hidden Objects game energy. You will know about energy and different ways to get free energy in June’s Journey.

What is energy in June’s Journey?

June’s Journey: Hidden Objects is an adventurous unsolved detective mystery game, where you can seek and find hidden objects.

In June’s Journey Energy is a game resource. Energy required to play hidden object scenes. 15 units of Energy is used with every hidden object scene play.

How to get free Energy in June’s Journey?

Energy units required to play hidden object scenes, so it can empty quickly. But, there are many ways to get more Energy in game, including,

1. Energy regeneration

Game regenerates energy automatically when your energy bar is not full. Energy regeneration generates 1 energy unit every 2 minutes. This regeneration continues until your energy bar is full.

2. Star Boxes

You can get Energy from Star Boxes. In the hidden object scene, Star Boxes are awarded each time, when you earn a new Star.

These star boxes contain coins, energy, materials, compasses or character cards. It is always surprising what you get from a star box.

3. Bonus energy

In game, sometimes bonus energy can be obtained after playing a Hidden Object Scene.

4. Exchange free drinks

By exchanging drinks with your club mates or connected players, you can get additional Energy and other game resources. Drink sharing provides you with Tips, and that tips can be exchanged for goodies.

There is a free drink in the game and it is different each day. Some day a free drink will provide your teammates with Energy, and sometimes other resources.

5. Harvest special bushes

Special limited time bushes can be gifted by other players. By harvesting special gift bushes, you might get energy out of them.

Here, every bush does not give energy. But, higher cost bushes(12+ Diamonds) have a chance to give energy.

6. Help Wanted tasks

Help wanted tasks available in the Help Wanted menu. Some tasks from this Help Wanted menu can give you free energy.

7. Collect character cards

To complete a photo in an album, you need to collect Character Cards from Star Boxes. Here, by completing the album collection, you get a chance to win an energy bar reward.

8. Game Facebook connect

You can play the game with Facebook connect. With this feature, you can play June’s Journey with friends and save your game progress.

9. Energy using diamonds

You can purchase energy refills in the Shop. Here, you can get energy packs using Diamonds. This way consumes your diamonds, so, you can use them based on Diamonds balance and requirement.

More on this, the game will give you two free bars of Energy for connecting your game for the first time.

That’s it,

Hope you like given June’s Journey Energy guide to get more free energy in game.