How to Get Free Energy in Atlantis Odyssey? (Ways Explained)

In Atlantis Odyssey, you need Energy to cut or remove objects to make your way clear. There are different ways in the game to get free energy in Atlantis Odyssey.

This energy guide contains a list of ways to obtain free energy in game. Listed ways may not give unlimited energy, but they are sources of constant free energies.

How to get free energy in Atlantis Odyssey?

There are many ways to obtain energy in Atlantis Odyssey, including:

  • Quests – Complete different quests to get energy.
  • Treasure boxes – Look for vases, shells, chests, boxes and barrels in various locations and tap on it. Treasures hidden behind such locations.
  • Daily chests – You can get energy as rewards in the daily chest.
  • Amanda’s orders – By completing Amanda’s orders, you can get free energy as reward. To complete orders, you need to produce or obtain ordered items.
  • Order energy gift – Get free energy by ordering energy as a gift for tomorrow.
  • Play mini-game – You can play “Pierre’s Sea Friends” mini-game and win energy as a prize.
  • Bonus from chests – By playing the game and spending time in the game, getting energy as a bonus from chests.
  • Level up – By leveling up your game level, you get a chance to get free energy and gems.

That’s it,

There are more ways like turning flowers into energy and Piggy bank with energy. Here, Piggy bank is paid way, so not included in the above free energy list.

Hope you find the above list of ways to get free energy in Atlantis Odyssey helpful.