How to Get Feathers in Family Island Game? (Complete List)

Family Island is a casual farm game, which offers different tasks with great stories.

And, to complete given tasks like crafting, building, or other tasks, Family Island has different resources and items.

Here, Feathers is one of the resources in the Family Island game. In game, you can not buy Feathers from the game store.


If you want to know different ways to get this Feathers in Family Island, then following is the list for you.

First way:

You can get Feathers from your chickens by feeding them special food in the Family Island game. Here, to get Feathers in game, your level must be 7 or above. (You can get feathers from the first attempt or in more attempt)

Second way:

Chicken Statue or Idol is also another way to get Feathers. The Chicken Statue or Idol, which kids build.

That’s it,

Hope you find this Family Island feathers resource guide helpful.