How to Restore Previous Progress in Family Island Game?

There are many possible cases where you need to reinstall a Family Island game and restore previous game progress.

For example, phone reset, buy new phone etc.,

Now, after reinstalling a Family Island game, how to restore previous progress to get game progress back.

There are two options to restore previous progress in Family Island. First, connect the game profile to your Facebook account. Second, contact Family Island support.

Let’s check both option in detail,

Restore progress by Facebook connect

You can use this option, if you played a Family Island game with Facebook login.

When you play a game with Facebook connect, your game progress data is stored on the game server. And, it can be restored by following given steps.

  1. Open game settings.
  2. Tap “My Accounts” option.
  3. Tap the Facebook connect button.
  4. Connect to Facebook account which was linked with the earlier game.
  5. Next, the saved game restore popup opens.
  6. Here, choose “Server” to restore data from the server.

Restore progress by game support

What if you are not playing your game with Facebook connect.

In such a case, you can contact the Family Island support team. Here, you require your previous game support ID and current game support ID.

Here are more details about Family Island support ID.

You can also restore old game purchased game resources from here. For this, you may provide a receipt for a purchase.

Tip: If possible play the Family Island game with Facebook connect, or in other cases save game support ID somewhere. So, in future, you can easily restore your game progress.