Lightning Rush Royal Match (What is it, How to Get)

This guide provides a straightforward explanation of the Lightning Rush event in Royal Match, including how to participate and related topics.

What is Lightning Rush on Royal Match?

Lightning Rush is a game event in which 5 players compete to collect the most lightning bolts in one hour.

After starting the Lightning Rush event, each player will be rewarded with 1 hour of unlimited lives.

Lightning bolts can be collected by activating Light Balls, which are scattered throughout the levels. Players can only collect lightning bolts from levels that they have beaten.

The player with the most lightning bolts at the end of the hour wins the rewards.

How to get Lightning Rush in Royal Match?

To play Lightning Rush, you must be at least level 31. To enter, tap “Start” on the Lightning Rush information screen.

An internet connection is required to play the Lightning Rush event. You can only play Lightning Rush once a day when the event is available.

Note: If the event is completed with a score of zero, then it is required to complete a level to participate in the next event.

That’s all about the Royal Match Lightning Rush event, hope you find this guide helpful.

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