Royal Match Teams Guide (Teams FAQs)

This guide is about Royal Match Teams. Here, you will know about Royal Match Teams, How to create or join a team, Roles in team, Invite or remove members, Leave or re-join team, Send lives to teammates and more things about Team.

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What are Teams in Royal Match?

You can join or create a Team in Royal Match after reaching level 20. Team feature allows to communicate and give lives to teammates. You can also participate in Team events and win rewards as a Team. In game, each Team can have up to 50 members.

Royal Match Team types:

  • Open Team – Anyone can join an open Team.
  • Close Team – Team leader or co-leader’s approval required to join Close Team.

More things about Teams – Activity shows how frequently team members help other team members in Team. Team score is the sum of all team members’ completed levels (score also includes collected Royal League crowns). Message can not be deleted from Team chat, 

How to Join a Team in Royal Match?

To join a Team in Royal Match, first beat level 20 and get Teams tab access.

In the Teams tab, you will find the Teams list to join, or you can find a specific Team using the “Search” tab.

Now, if you satisfy Team requirements, then you can join the open Team by tapping the Join button. But, for the closed Team you need the approval of the team leader or co-leader.

How to Create a Team in Royal Match?

To create a Team in Royal Match, you need to beat level 20, require 100 coins and you should not have membership of any existing Team.

After satisfying these criteria, open Teams tab and tap on the “Create” option. Now, fill Team’s details – Team Logo, Team Name, Description, Team Type and Required Level, and create your Team.

Note: You can not change Team Name and Team Logo options after creating a Team. So, fill them properly and recheck before creating a Team.

Invite friends to join Team:

Share your Team name with your friends, so they can search your Team and Join it.

How to leave Team?

In the Home screen, tap the “Settings” button from the top right corner and tap “Leave Team” button to leave your current Team in Royal Match.

Next, if you want to rejoin the Team you left, then go to Teams tab, search Team name and tap “View” and “Join” button. Here, you need to wait, in case of a closed Team.

Team Leader and Co-Leaders

Team creator in Royal Match is the Team Leader in the Team. In Team, if the team leader leaves Team or is not active for 28 days, then the new leader will be the highest level co-leader or to most active member in case of active co-leader absence.

Team Leader in game can add or remove Co-Leader in Team. Co-Leader have the same rights as a Leader have, except managing Co-Leaders in a Team.

To make Co-Leader, tap on Team member name and tap on the “Make Co-leader” button. And, by tapping the Co-leader name and “Demote Co-leader” button, the leader can demote the co-leader.

Remove member from Team

Leader or Co-leader can remove a member from Team, by tapping player’s name and “Kick out” button from Team Info members list screen.

You can not rejoin the same Team again once you are removed from Team. Same rule applied for if you were rejected from joining a closed team.

How to send lives to teammates in Royal Match?

In the Royal Match Teams screen, you will see the “Help” button when any teammates request lives. Next, you can tap the “Help” button, to send Lives to your teammates.

By helping your teammates with their life requests, you will get coins as a reward and increase your help count.

Help counts

Help counts indicate the number of times a player helped another teammate. You can see each member’s help counts near their name in the “Team Info” members list. This help counts, counted weekly and reset (become 0) at the end of every week.

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