How to Get More Energy in Klondike Adventures? (List of Ways)

All players want to get free energy in the Klondike Adventures game. And, in this post, you will know a list of ways to get energy for game play.

For game progress, playing events, completing tasks or missions in game, players need energy. And, Here following are the different ways which give you more energy in the Klondike Adventures game.

1. Completing quests

To complete quests, you need energy. But, on completing quests, you will get rewards which may contain energy.

2. Completing trader’s orders

You can prepare and deliver traders orders as per order board. And, this will give you rewards. Here, you get a chance to get free energy.

3. Free energy points

In the game, you will get one energy point every 1.5 minutes. Here, energy points are limited. But, it is also one way to get energy.

4. Treasures boxes

You will find treasure boxes of different sizes in game locations. You can find it in treasures in expedition lands. These boxes are hidden behind bushes, rocks or other items.

By finding and tapping these boxes, you can get game items like, energy points, energy resources and more rewards.

5. Wild animals

In game, you can obtain energy from wild animal meat.

6. Watch ads

In game, by watching ads, you can get dynamite and more rewards.

7. Generate energy

Using a furnace Klondike Adventures, you can generate energy. Game players can buy a furnace from the market tab.

You can generate energy in the furnace using plum, chanterelle, apple and honey.

8. Play mini-game

From level 7, you can build a sweet shop. You can  get energy as a prize in the mini game in the sweet shop.

9. Level up

Game level up refill energy bar. So, playing a game, making progress and leveling up is a good option to get new energy.

10. Contests on social media pages

On the game’s Facebook page and Instagram page, you will find daily contest posts. By taking part in it, it gives you a chance to win amazing rewards.

11. Klondike Adventures energy links

Klondike Adventures game also share free energy links on social media pages. By visiting this promo code page and entering game id, you can collect bonus rewards in game.

Note: always visit promo code links from the game’s official social media pages.

At last,

Play game smartly, use energy resources wisely and save energy to get more energy in your game.