Klondike Adventures Free Energy Gift and Walkthrough

This guide provides an updated list of Klondike Adventures free energy gift links, explains what promo code links are, details how to find and use them and game walkthrough.

Free energy links for Klondike Adventures iOS or Android platforms players..

May 17, 2024:

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May 8, 2024:

Energy links, also known as free gift code links, are special codes that can be redeemed within the Klondike Adventures game for various rewards, such as energy, resources, tools, boosters, and more.

How to Use Energy Links

Using promo codes to claim your rewards is simple:

For iOS or Android Users: Click the Facebook post’s gift link for iOS or Android users. The game app will open, and you’ll get a bonus item.

For Amazon or Huawei Users: If you’re playing the game on either Amazon or Huawei, click the alternate gift link in the Facebook post. After that, go to the redeem page and enter your User ID. Finally, click the Accept button to get your bonus.

Where to Find Free Energy Links

You can get promo codes from the official Klondike Adventures Facebook and Instagram page:

Facebook page links are provided in the post, while Instagram page links are available in the bio.

Klondike Adventures Tips and Tricks

Efficient Building Progression

Purchase buildings according to quest order and unlock sequence to avoid future complications. High-tier structures like Apartments require prerequisite buildings such as Factory and Glassblowers. Balancing construction ensures smooth gameplay.

Energy Management

Utilize excess energy promptly to prevent loss. Complete Sweet Shop mini-games to reset countdowns. During events, energy costs decrease temporarily. Stock energy-boosting items like chocolate bars and apples for emergencies.

Balloons with Dynamites

Balloons may reappear, allowing flexibility in usage timing. Redirect missed targets strategically. Postpone usage when starting a new map or switch for optimal benefits.

Resource Optimization

Prioritize short-time crops and materials for efficient production. Utilize factories outside Home Station to ease worker workload. Maintain reserves of currency and process raw materials regularly.

Emerald Spending Strategy

Invest in permanent game objects like premium farm buildings and housing. Enhance energy and money gains for efficient resource acquisition. Opt for purchases that increase long-term benefits.

Klondike Adventures – Glassblowers

Learn how to construct and utilize the Glassblowers building to craft essential glass items in Klondike Adventures. To begin, head to the shop and purchase the Glassblowers building for 20,000 coins. Once acquired, find an open area on your home map and place the building accordingly.

The construction of the Glassblowers building occurs in three stages, each requiring specific materials:

  • Stage 1: To complete the first stage, gather 10 Gravel, 15 Clay, and 6 Nails.
  • Stage 2: Moving on to stage two, you’ll need 2 Chains, 3 Tiles, and 4 Beams.
  • Stage 3: Finally, for stage three, gather 2 Mounted Belts, 3 Shelving, and 2 Stools.

With the construction complete, you can now begin crafting various glass items within the Glassblowers building.

Here are the items you can create:

  • Glass: To craft glass, you’ll need 1 Quartz Sand and 2 Fire. The process takes approximately 20 minutes.
  • Window Glass: For window glass, gather 3 Glass and 1 Pipe. Crafting window glass takes about 30 minutes.
  • Jar: Lastly, to craft a jar, you’ll need 2 Glass and 1 Pipe. This process takes approximately 1 hour.

Klondike Adventures – Craftsman’s Tent

The Craftsman’s Tent is a useful item that can be purchased at Trade Company locations using Trade Company Bills. It allows players to convert one type of tool into another, but the number of conversions is limited and depends on the player’s choices.

For example, players can use the tent to transform a saw and water into a hammer, or a trowel and fire into a hammer.