How Do I Get Free Energy for Travel Town?

This guide provides information on how to get free energy in the game Travel Town.

To get free energy in Travel Town, you have several options: visit Daily Energy Links shared on the game’s social media, complete Daily Challenges within the time limit, participate in events, exchange diamonds for energy, watch ad videos, level up to earn energy rewards, and benefit from the auto-refill feature until it reaches maximum capacity. Stay updated on giveaways through the game’s Facebook page and participate in contests for a chance to win free energy.

  • Daily Energy Links: Collect free energy rewards by visiting links shared on the game’s social media channels.
  • Energy Refill: Get 1 free energy every 1 minute and 30 seconds until your energy bar is full.
  • Daily Challenges: Complete tasks within the time limit to collect prizes, including free energy.
  • Play Events: Complete tasks in events to earn free energy and rewards.
  • Exchange Diamonds: Use diamonds to exchange for energy in the game stores.
  • Watch Ad Video: Watch advertisements to get 25 free energy (limited daily).
  • Level Up Reward: Get energy as a reward for completing the current level and unlocking a new level.
  • Initial Free Energy: Get 100 free energy when you first start playing, and an additional 200 energy in increments of 100.
  • Facebook Page Contest: Participate in daily contests on the game’s Facebook page for a chance to win free energy.

That’s it.

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