How Do You Get Mysterious Fossil in Travel Town? (Complete Guide)

This page contains a guide about Travel Town Mysterious Fossil. You will know how to get Mysterious Fossil, about Mystery Fossil Half and mysterious letters.

How to get Mysterious Fossil in Travel Town?

To get Mysterious Fossil, continue using your beach bucket. By doing this, you get mysterious letters, get your map, get your mysterious island and finally Fossil.

  1. Merge the mystery item(letters, maps) to produce the island.
  2. Tap the island to produce the first fossil part.
  3. Complete another mystery order to earn the second fossil part.
  4. Complete the final mystery order to combine fossil parts.
How to get Mysterious Fossil in Travel Town
How to get Mysterious Fossil in Travel Town

Here, are steps to get Mysterious Fossil,

1. Continue Beach Bucket use

First take your Beach Bucket to its maximum level 9. After that, continue your beach bucket use to get Mysterious Letter. For this, you need more energy and space on the board.

Getting a Mysterious Letter from a bucket is a hard task. Because, the bucket gives Mysterious Letter randomly with rare chance.

Here, you need to continue your efforts with patience to get letters.

2. Get Mysterious island

To get Mysterious island merge Mysterious Letters and take it to level 3. By doing this, you will get your island.

Now, from your Mysterious island, you will get the Mysterious Fossil. Here you may also get Mystery Fossil Half.

Mystery Fossil Half

To make Mystery Fossil Half to full Mysterious Fossil, you need to get another half Fossil.

In the game, after obtaining Mystery Fossil Half, you get 10 orders from an old lady in the orders section. By completing these orders, you get another half Fossil as an order prize.

At Last,

Obtaining a Mysterious Fossil in Travel Town game needs more energy, luck and patience. Also, If you do not get it after many tries, then avoid Fossil chase and enjoy game playing.

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