How to Get Merge Items in Travel Town? (FAQs Guide)

There are hundreds of merge items in Travel Town game. In game, some objects or items need more effort to get them.

This guide is about those items and how to get them – How you can get guppy, goldfish, fish, picture book, monkeys, medals, pocket square, gift soap, decorated cup and more items in Travel Town.

How to get Guppy and Goldfish in Travel Town?

You can get Guppy and Goldfish from the Sculpted Fountain in Travel Town. Here is a complete merge guide to create Guppy and Goldfish from Sculpted Fountain.

  1. Create Seeds and Water from Arabian Queen Gazebo.
  2. Merge Droplets to create Small Splash.
  3. Merge Small Splashes to create Big Splash.
  4. Merge Big Splashes to create a Simple Pool.
  5. Merge Simple Pools to create a Sunken Pool.
  6. Merge Sunken Pools to create a Raised Pool.
  7. Merge Raised Pools to create a Tiered Fountain.
  8. Merge Tiered Fountains to create an Ornate Fountain.
  9. Merge Ornate Fountains to create a Sculpted Fountain.
  10. Sculpted Fountain created Guppy and Goldfishes for you.

The merge sequence to get Guppy and Goldfish is Droplets, Small Splashe, Big Splashe, Simple Pool, Sunken Pool, Raised Pool, Tiered Fountain, Ornate Fountain and Sculpted Fountain.

How to get Fish in Travel Town?

In Travel Town you can create Fish by merging Soldier Crabs. To get fish create Driving Gear from Boat, merge them to create Full Oxygen Tank and get Sea Plant from it. Continue Sea Plant merge until Soldier Crabs and get Fish by merging them.

The merge sequence from Boat Driving Gear to Fish is following,

Boat creates Driving Gear and Bottled Messages, Driving Goggles, Driving Snorkel, Flippers, Oxygen Sensor, Empty Oxygen Tank, 1/3 Filled Oxygen Tank, 2/3 Filled Oxygen Tank, Full Oxygen Tank(creates Fish), Sea Plant, Shrimp, Lobster, Soldier Crabs and Fish.

How to get a picture book in Travel Town? (Pop Up book, 3D book)

Here is the answer to get a Pop Up and 3D picture book in Travel Town.

To get picture books (Pop Up book, 3D book) first create Notepads and Pens from Chubby Pencil Case, upgrade them to max level Fountain Pen and First Draft. This First Draft creates a picture book collection.

How to get Flexible Monkey in Travel Town?

Big Fishing Net generally creates Seaweed, Marine Minerals and Star Boxes. But, sometimes it creates Undersea Gold. This Undersea Gold creates Yogi Monkeys and Gold Watches. You can merge Zen Monkey and so on to reach max Flexible Monkey. 

How to get Medals in Travel Town?

To get Bronze, Silver, Gold and more medals in Travel Town, first get a Dog Mansion, which is a max level dog house. Next, create dog agility testing equipment using Dog Mansion. Now, get the max level Agility Test and click it for medals.

How to get Pocket Square in Travel Town?

To get Pocket Square in Travel Town, create Sewing Accessories from Sewing Side Table and Merge to reach max level for Sewing Station and Sewing Machine. Now, Create Cloth & Thread from Sewing Station and click Sewing Machine to get Pocket Square.

How to get gift soap and a decorated cup in Travel Town?

To get Gift Soap and a Decorated cup, here are the merge steps,

  • Herb store – gives you herbs.
  • Jars – Merge herbs to make jars.
  • Full Jar – Merge Jars to make a full jar.
  • Tea Cups – Full jar creates essential oils and tea cups.
  • Decorated cup – Merge tea cups to make a decorated cup.
  • Essential Oils – Full jar creates essential oils and tea cups.
  • Oil Dropper – Merge essential oils to make an oil dropper.
  • Scented Satchel – Merge oil droppers to make scented satchel.
  • Gift Soap – Merge scented satchels to make gift soap.

That’s it,

Hope you find this – How to get items in the Travel Town guide helpful. We will try to add more items in the Guide based on your queries. So, keep in touch.

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