Get Tin Can, Garden Statue and Stone Can in Merge Mansion

This Guide is about Merge Mansion Tin Can, Garden Statue and Stone Can. To know how to get them in Merge Mansion.

How to get Merge Mansion Tin Can?

To get Tin Can in Merge Mansion get Garden Statue and level up to level 6. Next, tap level 6 Garden Statue to drop small Tin Cans. Next, merge small Tin Cans to get Tin Can.

Here, if you don’t know about Garden Statue, then check this process to get Garden Statue.

How to get a Garden Statue in Merge Mansion?

You can get Garden Statue as a reward item from the Ignatius Boulton Event. Ignatius Boulton is a Story Event.

In game, By playing the Ignatius Boulton Story Event, you get the Rock as a reward for Main Board. And, level 6 of Rock is Stone Gate(Garden Statue).

How to get Stone Can in Merge Mansion?

Stone Can used to complete “The Grand Drive” Area and Garden Statue is the only way to get it. To get Stone Can in Merge Mansion, there are 13 stages, including:

  1. Small Tin Can
  2. One Cent
  3. Tin Can
  4. One Dollar
  5. Tin Cans
  6. Bundle of Cash
  7. Create of Cans
  8. Pile of Cash
  9. Tin Can Factory
  10. Big Pile of Cash
  11. Mansion Gate
  12. Briefcase of Cash
  13. Stone Can

That’s it, hope you find this obtain Tin Can, Garden Statue and Stone Can in Merge Mansion guide helpful.