Where to Store Producers in Travel Town?

Looking to free up some space on your board? The Travel Town producers inventory is a great way to do that.

The Producers Inventory is a place to stash max-level Producers you’re not currently using. More slots will unlock as you level up.

If you are unsure of where to store your producers or how to use the Producers Inventory in Travel Town,

Then please refer to the following information to effectively use the inventory in the game.

Max-level Producer

If a max-level Producer is already part of your Items Inventory, it will be automatically moved to the Producers Inventory when a slot becomes available.

Producer is on main board

If the Producer is on your main board, it will remain there until you drag it to the Producers Inventory.

Get Producer from inventory

If you ever need the Producer back from your inventory, simply tap on it to bring it back to the main board.

But wait, there’s more!

Remember all those tools and items you collect? They have their own dedicated storage space too!

With both the Producers Inventory and the item/tool inventory, you can say goodbye to overflowing boards and hello to a streamlined, efficient Travel Town.

So, embrace the joy of organization!

Utilize the Producers Inventory and its companion storage systems to unlock your town’s full potential.

Remember, a tidy Travel Town is a happy Travel Town, where creativity flows freely and production thrives. Happy merging.

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