EverMerge Coins – How to Get Free Coins in EverMerge?

EverMerge Coins guide includes following topics – Coins overview, uses of coins and how to get free coins in EverMerge.

EverMerge coins

Coins work as currency in the EverMerge game.

Using coins, you can buy energy and other game resources in the market. In some events, you can also use coins to speed up tasks, remove obstacles and harvest rewards.

In the EverMerge merge chain, coins begin with bronze dust. By merging three bronze dust, you can generate one coin. Next, by merging more coins, you can generate higher value coins.

How to get free Coins in EverMerge?

You can get EverMerge free coins by different ways, which are listed below,

1. Merge bronze dust

You can get bronze dust by completing orders and other game tasks. And, by merging 3 bronze dust, you get 1 free coin. Here, merge 5 bronze dust to get a bonus and get 2 coins.

2. Discovering new items

When you merge any item for the first time and discover a new item, you get a discovery gift box. These gift boxes are available in Home Island discoveries.

To get coins from the discovery gift box, tap the discoveries icon from the bottom right corner and tap the gift box.

3. Daily Objectives

By completing Daily Objectives tasks and completing special quests, you get free coins rewards. To check Objective tasks and rewards, tap the watch icon from the bottom left corner.

4. Merge items

On successful item merge completion, you get 1,2,3 or more free coins. Free coins depend on merged items. This merge item is best option to get more coins.

5. Purchase with gems

You can purchase coins, pouches of coins and chest of coins using gems. But, use this option wisely, because gems are precious items in the game.

6. Level up rewards

In EverMerge, you get rewards on leveling up your game. These rewards include free coins and more game resources.

That’s it,

Hope you find this EverMerge coins guide helpful.