How to Get Monopoly Go Free Dice Rolls? (Dice Spin Rolls)

This post is about ways to get Monopoly Go free dice rolls. In game, to spin dice rolls and move your token on board, you need rolls in game.

To spin dice rolls, you need to tap a big red “GO!” button, which consumes Dice Rolls. And to get more rolls in Monopoly Go, given ways will be helpful for you.

How to get Monopoly Go Free Dice Rolls?

You can get free dice rolls in Monopoly Go by – Rolls replenish, level up net worth, completing sticker albums, daily rewards, quick wins, inviting friends, events & tournaments, shop gift box, landing on shield/chance card, community chest and color set reward wheel.

1. Hourly free rolls

In the game, after every hour interval, you will get 6 free roll. This automatic Rolls replenish will stop, when your Rolls bar is full (initially 30 rolls).

Here, as a good practice, by making progress in the game, you can increase your Rolls bar limit. Also by playing the game frequently, you can get and use more free Rolls.

2. Complete board level

You can level up your net worth in game by upgrading town, purchasing buildings and performing other tasks.

By completing all build upgrades to max, your board will be completed and you will level up to the next one. And, with every new level, you will get free dice rewards.

3. Complete sticker album

You can get free rewards (including rolls) by completing sticker albums. Stickers can be collected from sticker packs, which you can get from events and by game activities.

In game, you can trade duplicate stickers with friends to get missing stickers for albums.

4. Daily rewards

Daily Treats rewards can be earned by opening a game daily. By logging in to the game daily and consecutively, you’ll receive a better reward. By this way, you can get one free reward (it can be dice rolls or other items) per day.

5. Quick wins

Quick wins are daily tasks that help to progress to earn weekly rewards. There are several milestones in the way to weekly rewards. And, each milestone has different rewards (Dice, Money and Stickers).

You can check your tasks and your rewards by tapping on the “Wins” button (at bottom left corner).

6. Invite friends

You can get 30 free dice rolls by inviting new friends in Monopoly Go. Here, you need to send an invite link from the game friends section, and once your friend joins the game using your invitation, you will get free rolls.

7. Events and Tournaments

Events are a good option to earn more free dice rolls. You can play events and take part in game tournaments to win prizes, which includes dice rolls too.

8. Daily free gift box in shop

You will get a daily free gift box in the Monopoly Go in-game shop. This Gift box can contain free rolls or money.

To collect this gift box, open the in-game shop screen from the main menu. Next, swipe the top offer slides and move on to the last slide and collect your free gift box.

9. Landing on Shields

When you have a max number of shields and landing on a shield, collected shields will be replaced with dice.

Here, the number of shields or dice collected depends on your role multiplier. For example, if you landed on a shield with x3 multiplier, you will get 3 shields.

10. Landing on chance card

This way depends on your luck, as there is a chance to earn dice by landing on chance. Here, the number of dice you get depends on the role multiplier.

11. Community chests

You can get dice, money and stickers by opening Community chests. Here, more friends in the game, means more chances of winning big prizes.

In game, you could also get dice when your open Community chests. For that, keep an eye on your timeline.

Friends with a gift box on their picture give you a free reward, which can be dice rolls or active friend bonus.

Tip: Use the active friend bonuses on other friends with presents to increase your chances to win the times 50 Community chest.

12. Complete color sets

By completing color sets, you get a chance to spin the rewards wheel. Reward wheel contains sticker packs, money or dice rolls reward.

You can complete the color set by landing on the property set once each property has been upgraded to hotels.

That’s it,

Hope you find the Monopoly Go Free dice rolls guide helpful to collect more rolls in game.