Blox Fruits Beginners Guide (Things to Know As a Noob)

This guide is for Blox Fruits beginners or noob players. Here, you will know helpful things about Blox Fruits and do’s and don’ts as a new player.

Following are simplified Blox Fruits beginners guide points, which are helpful for you as a beginner player.

1. No fruits yet – you can swim

In Blox Fruits, you can swim when you are at level 1 and you don’t have fruit yet.

But, once you eat a fruit and go into the water you would die.

2. You have Logia fruit

In game, if you have a Logia fruit, then you are immune to a lower level NPC.

Logia fruits in Blox Fruits – Dough, Dark, Magma, Ice, Sand, Light, Rumble, Flame and Smoke.

3. Random Fruit from Blox Fruits Gatcha

At level 50, you can get a random fruit in the jungle from Blox Fruits Gatcha. After trade, you will get random fruit.

4. Don’t put stats on your gun

When you are at a low level, a gun will be useless for you. So, don’t put stats on your gun. Instead, put stats on melee, defense or Blox Fruits.

5. Don’t ask for fruits

In the game, most of the time nobody could give you a fruit. So, don’t waste your time asking for fruits.

That’s it for now,

But, try to visit again, as we will update more tips about Blox Fruits here which will be helpful for you as a beginner.

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