How to Get Fragments in Blox Fruits? (Fast Fragments)

This post is about Blox Fruits Fragments. You will get answers to two questions – what is Fragments and how to get Fragments fast in Blox Fruits.

What are Fragments in Blox Fruits?

Fragments is a type of currency used in Blox Fruits Second Sea and Third Sea.

In Update 11 (The Awakening Update), Rare Artifacts were replaced by Fragments.

You can purchase different items in Blox Fruits using Fragments. For example,  Flower ship for 1500 Fragments, Death Step for 5000 Fragments etc.,

How to get Blox Fruits Fragments?

You can buy Fragments using Robux in the shop, but instead of that – here are free ways to get Fragments in Blox Fruits.

Blackbeard or rip_indra defeat

You can get 1500 Fragments by defeating Blackbeard or rip_indra. Here, you need to do enough(10%) damage to get Fragments and more rewards.

Cake Prince defeat

You will get a chance to obtain 1000 Fragments by raid and defeating Cake Prince. Here, you need to kill 500 NPCs to open the portal.

Ship Raid defeat

Here by defeating Ship Raid, you will get 200 Fragments. For this, defeat both Brigade which gives 100 fragment and two Basic which gives 50 fragment each.

Sea Beast defeat

You will get a chance to obtain 250 Fragments by defeating Sea Beast.

Complete Fruit raids

Fruit raids will give you 1000 Fragments. But, it would add the amount of time left (count in seconds, multiplied by 4.5 fragments).

Note: If you die in the raid, you will not get any fragments.

Youtuber title defeat

Defeating someone who has a Youtuber title can give you 2500 fragments and 250000 Beli. And, to get the rewards, you must get bounty from them.

Complete Pirate Raid

Pirate Raid completion is also one way to get fragments. Pirate Raid on Castle on the Third Sea.

Elite Pirates defeat

By defeating Elite Pirates you can get Fragments. To defeat Elite Pirates, you don’t need to have a quest.

Horned Man Quest

Here, by doing the Horned Man Quest, you will get some fragments every time you kill the boss.

Random surprise

Death King rolling random surprises in a haunted castle. There is a chance you get anywhere from 100-300 fragments.

Here, you can also get other game items – like cash and 2 time exp.

Dough King defeat

This way gives a good amount of fragments, where you get 2000 fragments after defeating Dough King.

Training Dummy defeat

By defeating Training Dummy you can get a chance to obtain Fragments. To defeat Training Dummy, you need to have a quest.

Gravestone praying

This is a rare chance, where you can pray at the gravestone at the haunted castle (Third Sea). And, if you are lucky, this gives you 1000 fragments and 100000 Beli.

That’s it,

Hope you find all given ways helpful to get fast fragments in Blox Fruits.

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