Blox Fruits Stats – Reset Stats, Distribution, Stat Points

This guide is about Roblox Blox Fruits Stats. You will know about Blox Fruits Stats, Reset Stats or Refunds, Distribution and Stats related things.

What are Blox Fruits Stats – How to get Stat points

In Blox Fruits, Stats increases the player’s strength, which includes health, energy and dealt damage.

Players can get 3 stat points to increase stats level by level up game. Next, players can also get extra stat points by leveling up Mastery (EXP counter for blox fruits and weapons).

In game, players can upgrade three stats to the maximum level (which is 2450).

List of Blox Fruits Stats:

  • Melee – Increase +5 Energy and +0.5 damage on Fighting Styles.
  • Defense – Increase +5 health.
  • Sword – Increase +0.5 damage on Swords.
  • Gun – Increase +0.5 damage on Guns.
  • Blox Fruit – Increase +0.5 damage on Blox Fruits.

How to Reset Stats in Blox Fruits?

There is a Refund option in Blox Fruits, which allows players to reset all stats and return the stat points. After that, players can re-select their stats.

You can earn Refund option to reset Blox Fruits stats by,

  • Blox Fruits codes
  • Buying from the Plokster for 2500 Fragments
  • Buying refund for 75 Robux

Stats distribution

You can max out only 3 Stats in Blox Fruits. So, it is important to select Stats smartly to upgrade max level and get its advantage in combat.

For Stats distribution, Melee and Defense stats are strongly suggested. 

Here, you can select Melee, Defense and Sword/Gun/Blox Fruit for max out. Or, apply hybrid distribution by equal level up to all Stats (In this case 3 stats can’t be max out).

What is stat reset code in Blox Fruits?

Blox Fruits Stat Reset codes are simple string codes which reset all stats, return the stat points and start character progress from level 1. Last available Blox Fruits stats reset codes are HUDDYTHEGREAT12345, SUBGAMERROBOT_RESET1 and Sub2UncleKizaru.

This Stat Reset code is useful when you want to replan your points distribution and want a fresh restart in game. But, at last, it depends upon your choice.

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