ASTD Currencies – How to Get and Where it used

This post is about Roblox All Star Tower Defense (ASTD) currencies. Where you know – How to get ASTD currencies and what are uses of each currency.

There are 6 currencies in the ASTD game, which are Gems, Gold, Cash, Tokens, Candy and Stardust. In game, currencies used to purchase different things.

Let’s check out each currency’s uses and ways to get them free in game.

How to get Gems in ASTD?

You can get Gems in ASTD by,

  • Completing tasks – can get 15 to 40 gems each.
  • Daily login bonus – between 10 to 50 gems.
  • Redeem codes
  • Waiting in the Time Chamber
  • Gems gift – Other players can gift gems with Robux.
  • Completing story mode mission – 20 or 30 gems for new and 5 or 6 gems for repeating missions.

Gems are used to get primary units in All Star Tower Defense (ASTD). You can also use Gems to buy PvP bosses, expand inventory space, buy orbs, buy Super Fire Works (Summerfest event) and for Hero Summon summoning.

How to get Gold in ASTD?

You can get Gold in ASTD by,

  • Completing story mode mission – it can be 100+ or depends on missions.
  • Waiting in the Time Chamber
  • Treasure Cart rewards
  • Redeem codes

Gold currency is used to buy Emotes, spin in the Hero Summon for secondary units and buy PvP bosses in All Star Tower Defense (ASTD).

How to get Cash in ASTD?

You can get Cash in ASTD at the,

  • End of a wave – after an enemy is killed.
  • Beginning of a wave – get from money giving units (e.g., Salesman).

Cash currency is used to place units, upgrade units and deploy PvP bosses in All Star Tower Defense (ASTD).

How to get Tokens in ASTD?

Token currency is limited time currency, and can be obtained with very low chance by killing an enemy in game. Tokens can only be obtained during the Summerfest Event.

In the ASTD game, Tokens are used to buy the Summer Pack, summer skin and an EXP III.

How to get Candies in ASTD?

In ASTD, Candies can be obtained by defeating bosses within 50 stages. You can see your candy amount in the shop.

Candies are used to buy units and Capsules from the shop (inside the Rush Mode area).

How to get Stardust in ASTD?

You can get Stardust in ASTD by,

  • Completing story mode
  • Player level up
  • Redeem codes
  • Completing daily tasks
  • Battle Road Challenges clearing
  • Taking part in Event
  • Waiting in the Time Chamber
  • Special Banner launch giftbox

In All Star Tower Defense (ASTD), Stardust currency is used in Special Summons to summon for units.

That’s it,

Hope you find this All Star Tower Defense (ASTD) currencies obtain guide helpful.