All Star Tower Defense Codes List Table (Active and Expired)

This post is about All Star Tower Defense codes. You will get ASTD code list table, a redeem guide and more. All new active and expired codes in single table.

You can redeem code and get rewards(gems, gold, rare items and exp) freebies in the Roblox All Star Tower Defense game.

All Star Tower Defense codes checked and updated on Sep 30, 2023.

All Star Tower Defense codes list table

newupdatecodeStardust 150Active
NewWorld2Stardust 150Expired
UniverseResetStardust 150Expired
6billionvistsIn-game rewardsExpired
TheDrumsOfLiberation2Stardust 50Expired
TheDrumsOfLiberationStardust 150, Gems 2500 (required level 40+)Expired
6billionvistsStardust 200, Gems 2500, Ganyu (July) (Claimable after playing for 99 minutes after code’s release)Expired
july4threalupdateStardust 150, Gems 2000 and Ganyu Unit (required level 40+ and one hour playtime)Expired
abouttimesnowrbx2023Ice X-Marine 1xExpired
NavyXFlameOtherCodeStardust 50xExpired
sorryfordelayupdate2Stardust 200, Gems 2000 (required level 40+)Expired
happylatemothersday150 Stardust, 2000 Gems (required level 50+)Expired
navyxflamelate200kcodeomg100 Stardust, Zamasu Evolve Token, Ultra SSJ3 Rose Goku Black Unit (required level 70+)Expired
rolerewardcode250 Stardust (required level 50+)Expired
Chainsmoke91Random Stardust (Only usable in W1)Expired
ASTDEggOpenedFinally100 Stardust, 2750 Gems, 1000 GoldExpired
melonmen1150 Stardust, 1300 Gems (Only usable in W1)Expired
newupdcode2150 Stardust (Complete Dungeons & Dragons event required)Expired
newupdcode3150 Stardust, 1000 GemsExpired
blamsponge240 Strdust, 3000 Gems, 3000 Gems, 1000 Currencies (required level 50+)Expired
diablo125 Strdust, 1 x EXP IVExpired
maintenacecode15100 Strdust and 4 x EXP IVExpired
sorryforlongdelay150 Strdust, 3000 Gems and 2000 Currencies (require level 40+)Expired
thankyoufor5bvisits500 Strdust, 10000 Gems and x23 EXP IV (require level 100+)Expired
delayp150 Strdust, 3000 Gems and x4 EXP IV.Expired
lvlreqny150 Stardust, 2023 Gems and some EXP IV (level 60+)Expired
happyholidays89 Stardust, 2022 GemsExpired
mbshutdown50 Stardust, 10 EXP IVExpired
world3ishere50 Stardust, 4000 Gems, 10 EXP IV (require level 115)Expired
bigwinterupdatesoon91 Stardust, 91 GemsExpired
winterguy19105 Stardust, 250 GemsExpired
2milfavoriteup150 Stardust, 8000 Gems and 10x EXP IV (required level 70+)Expired
SubscribeToBlamSpotOnYoutube200kTacoChita (required level 60+)Expired
2yearanniversaryduo95 Stardust, 5000 Gems and 10x EXP IV (required level 40+)Expired
2yearanniversary100 Stardust, 10K Gems and 10x EXP IV (required level 40+)Expired
newstarcode90 StardustExpired
stardustupdate5000 GemsExpired
Hooray50k400 GemsExpired
ASTDDragonoidBakuganDragonoid MountExpired
1millikes650 Gems and EXP IVExpired

How to redeem All Star Tower Defense codes and get rewards?

To redeem ASTD code, launch All Star Tower Defense and open settings from the bottom right corner option. Next, enter code in the ‘ENTER CODE’ input box and claim rewards.

Here, if the code does not work, you can try one more time. If the code still does not work, you can try again in VIP server, as some codes may works in VIP servers only.

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Hope you find given code list and guide helpful.