Underwater Wonders Event Coin Master (Complete Guide)

This guide is about the Coin Master Underwater Wonders event. Topics covered in the guide are – How to get Tridents, How to play Underwater Wonders, event rewards, tips and best practices.

What is the Underwater Wonders event?

Underwater Wonders in Coin Master is a new event mini game. In the event mini-game, you have to complete levels to win level prizes and grand prizes. 

You can open treasure items using Trident and based on things come out from treasures decide your progress or end of your adventure.

How to collect Tridents?

Tridents are items which used to open treasure items in Underwater Wonders event. So, to play the event, you need to collect Tridents in the Coin Master game.

You can collect Tridents in Coin Master by,

  • Filling the bar – Spin slot machine, collect event symbol item and fill the bar.
  • Playing main event – In main event Trident can be got as mission rewards.

In game, you can also get Tridents by purchasing them, but it costs real money. So, we do not recommend this way.

Here, as a good practice, collect more Tridents before starting playing Underwater Wonders to progress quickly in the event.

How to fill the bar to open the event door?

To open the Underwater Wonders event door, you need to spin a game slot machine and fill the bar by collecting event symbol items. By doing this, you can get Tridents and an event door open item.

Once you fill the bar and collect the event door item, you will find the “Play” option in Underwater Wonders icon. And, by tapping this event icon, you can enter into an event mini-game.

How to play Underwater Wonders event?

You can play Coin Master Underwater Wonders event in four simple steps,

  1. Reveal wonders using Tridents.
  2. Collect Golden Treasure.
  3. Find Seahorses to level up.
  4. Win event rewards.


A Seahorse is an event item, which you can get from a treasure item. Using Seahorse you can level up in the game.


The Shark can also come out from treasure items. In the game, you will exit from the ocean and adventure ends when you get a Shark from treasure. 

Next, you’ll need another open event door item to play the mini-game again. And, don’t worry because you can keep any treasure you find (even if you exit from the ocean)

Things to know and best practices

  • Try to play an event game with more Tridents.
  • Take your time to use your Trident and open treasure item.
  • After the event ends, leftover Tridents will be converted to other rewards.
  • Every time to enter into the event mini-game, you need to collect an open event door item first.
  • In the mini-game, you can check rewards you won from the reward bag from the bottom left corner.

At Last,

Hope you find this Coin Master Underwater Wonders event guide helpful. All the best for this amazing event.

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