Coin Master Wildland Adventure Guide

This guide describes the Wildland Adventure event feature in the Coin Master game.

The guide includes an overview of the feature, instructions on how to play, how to progress, how to obtain potions, rewards, and the duration of the event.

Coin Master Wildland Adventure

Wildland Adventure is a mini game event in Coin Master.

The main goal of this adventure is – Acquire potions to overcome obstacles and progress through the stages. Explore a captivating world and interact with items along your path to receive rewards.

How to enter Wildland Adventure?

Click the Wildland Adventure badge on your Home screen. Then, click the map to enter and access Wildland Adventure.

How do I progress?

Use special potions to clear obstacles and earn progress points. The progress bar fills up as you advance, unlocking cool rewards and new levels. Some rewards require no potions.

How to get potions for Wildland Adventure?

Potions can be earned through event rewards or purchased within the game. They provide access to deeper levels and more loot.

Wildland Adventure rewards

Get coins, spins, chests, pet food, pet XP, and even awesome grand prizes for completing the expedition.

In the event, you can check rewards you’ve won so far, by clicking on the rewards bag.

When does Wildland Adventure end?

The adventure ends when you complete it or when the time runs out, so explore quickly and claim your riches.

Tip for Wildland Adventure

Save your potions for tougher obstacles, keep checking the map for upcoming rewards, and don’t forget to claim even the free loot along your path. Good luck, explorer.

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