Gasoline – ARK Survival Evolved Guide

This guide details the Gasoline resource in ARK: Survival Evolved. It will cover the Gasoline recipe, burn times, and how to obtain the ingredients required to make Gasoline.

What is Gasoline in ARK Survival Evolved?

Ark gasoline is a specialized fuel used to power various machines within ARK.

It is used to power items such as the Electrical Generator, Fabricator, Industrial Grill, Chemistry Bench, Motorboat, Industrial Forge, Industrial Grinder, Zip-Line Motor Attachment, Chainsaw, and Mining Drill.

It can be thought of as the magical spark that ignites these powerful tools.

Ark Gasoline Recipe – How to Make?

To craft gasoline in Ark, gather 6 Oil and 5 Hide. Place the materials into a Refining Forge or Industrial Forge. After 30 seconds, you will have 5 gasoline.


  • 6 Oil
  • 5 Hide

Crafting Station:

  • Refining Forge
  • Industrial Forge (yields up to 100 Gasoline per craft)

Crafting Time: 30 seconds

Output: 5 Gasoline

Note: The more Gasoline you have, the more machines you can power.

Ark players have alternative methods to produce Gasoline beyond traditional refining.

In Aberration, Congealed Gas Balls, Green Gems, and their Fragmented counterparts can be converted into Gasoline after learning the Gas Collector Engram at the Chemistry Bench. The “Gas-Crafted” option (pink Oil-like icon) yields regular Gasoline.

Ark Gasoline Burn Times

Burn Time 1 × Gasoline:

  • Chemistry Bench – 30m
  • Electrical Generator – 1h
  • Fabricator – 30m
  • Industrial Cooker – 30m
  • Industrial Forge – 30m
  • Industrial Grill – 40m
  • Industrial Grinder – 30m

Burn Time 100 × Gasoline:

  • Chemistry Bench – 2d 2h
  • Electrical Generator – 4d 4h
  • Fabricator – 2d 2h
  • Industrial Cooker – 2d 2h
  • Industrial Forge – 2d 2h
  • Industrial Grill – 2d 18h 40m
  • Industrial Grinder – 2d 2h

How to get Ark Gasoline Ingredients?

To craft Gasoline in Ark, you need Oil and Hide ingredients, which can be obtain by following ways.

How to get Oil in Ark?

Oil in Ark can be found in three ways:

  • Harvesting deposits in the Snow Biome, underwater, or from creatures like Basilosaurus, Leeches, and Trilobites.
  • Collecting from Oil Veins or Jug Bugs on Scorched Earth.
  • Feeding Feces to Dung Beetles, who convert it into Oil over time.

How to get Hide in Ark?

Hide is a resource that can be harvested from corpses with most tools and dinosaurs. It is dropped by most creatures that are not fish or invertebrates.

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