Ark Console Commands – Ark Survival Evolved

Are you in search of the most useful ARK: Survival Evolved admin console commands and cheats?

In Ark, with knowledge of console and enabling different cheats, you will have the ability to accomplish virtually anything within ARK: Survival Evolved.

Whether it’s having infinite stats, activating God mode, or summoning items and dinosaurs. And, this post provides a guide to Ark console commands, along with a list of useful commands.

This guide will explain how to open the console, enable Ark admin commands, and provide a list of useful commands and cheats.


Console and Commands in Ark

Console commands in Ark Survival Evolved are special codes that can be typed into the console to perform actions that are not normally possible. These codes can be thought of as cheats that unlock hidden features.

Admin commands, also known as “cheat” commands, serve a purpose in both single-player mode and private servers, including dedicated, non-dedicated, and PC hosted third-party servers.

These commands provide the ability to engage in “cheating” activities. By utilizing cheat commands, players can swiftly acquire experience, enhance their character’s size, expand their weight capacity limit to an infinite extent, and enjoy various other advantages.

To use console commands, open the console and enter the desired code. Some commands require additional parameters, such as the item ID of the item you want to spawn or the dinosaur ID of the dinosaur you want to tame.

Important Note: Console commands can be considered to be cheats. So, use them with caution and responsibility.

How to Open Console in Ark?

Here’s how to open the console in Ark Survival Evolved, depending on what you’re playing on:

  • PC: Press the Tab key.
  • Stadia: Press the backtick key (`).
  • Consoles (without Keyboard & Mouse): Pause the game and press LB, RB, X, and Y on Xbox, or L1, R1, Square, and Triangle on PlayStation.
  • Consoles (with Keyboard & Mouse): Press the Tab key.

That’s it! Now you can unleash the power of console commands in Ark. Remember to use them responsibly.

How to Use Console Commands in Ark?

Before executing any command, players must have the appropriate permissions on the server. These permissions can be obtained from the server settings or by using an administrator password.

  1. Open the start menu.
  2. Launch the console bar.
  3. Type in “enablecheats” in the command bar. If the server is password protected, enter “enablecheats {YourPassword}“.
  4. Enter a command in the admin command bar.

Note: The inclusion of the phrase “admincheat” at the beginning of certain commands may or may not be necessary. Therefore, if the command not work, it is advisable to experiment by either adding or removing this phrase from the command bar.

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Ark Give XP to Dino Command

GiveExpToTarget command gives experience points to the player, or dino, you’re currently looking at.



  • Amount : The amount of experience.
  • FromTribeShare : 1 if experience came from tribe, otherwise 0
  • FromTribeShare : 1 if not share the experience with the player’s tribe, otherwise 0.

Consoles compatibility unknown.

Ark Destroy Wild Dinos Command

DestroyWildDinos command destroys all of the creatures that are not-yet tamed in the map.


Ark Ice Wyvern Spawn Command

The creature ID for Ice Wyvern in Ark is known as Ragnarok_Wyvern_Override_Ice_C. To summon an Ice Wyvern, you can use the following spawn command:

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Ark Alpha Rex ID and Spawn Command

The creature ID for the Alpha Rex in Ark is MegaRex_Character_BP_C. The spawn command for this creature is as follows:

Ark Add Equipment Durability Command

The AddEquipmentDurability command adds a specified amount of durability or water or energy to items in the hotbar and equipped armor.


cheat addequipmentdurability 500


Amount: The amount of experience.

Ark God Mode Command

Ark God command activates or deactivates god mode. God mode protects you from all damage, except drowning. To prevent drowning, use the InfiniteStats command.

Ark InfiniteStats Command

InfiniteStats is a self-targeted cheat command. While active, the command instantly replenishes the player’s health, stamina, oxygen, food, and water to maximum levels. However, if mounted, these effects only apply to the mount, not the player.

In infinitestats mode, firing weapons doesn’t deplete ammunition from the inventory. However, bullets are still consumed from magazines. When the “NO AMMO” message appears, the magazine can be reloaded by opening/closing the inventory or switching weapons.

Note that this command doesn’t grant invincibility. The player can still be killed by falls or powerful attacks that exceed their maximum health. Carrying capacity is also unaffected.

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For now, that is all there is to it. However, the command list will be updated with new and useful Ark console commands from time to time. Therefore, be sure to check the command list again in the future.