Coin Master Castle of Fortune – Tips and Guide

This guide is about the Coin Master Castle of Fortune mini game. Here, you will know how to play Castle of Fortune, playing tips and more.

Castle of Fortune in Coin Master

The Castle of Fortune is a mini game. This mini game has different levels with rewards and Grand Prize for the final level. By picking the right wooden barrels you can progress in the game.

How to play Castle of Fortune?

You get a chance to play Castle of Fortune as an event reward in Coin Master.

How to play,

  • You get a chance to select one out of four mysterious wooden barrels.
  • Three barrels contain rewards.
  • One barrel has a trap that can end your journey.
  • Rewards will add to your growing treasure trove, if you select the reward barrel.
  • For trap barrel selection, you can use Coins or Gems to skip the trap.

In game, you also have the Quit option, by using this option, you can leave the mini-game with all the rewards you’ve earned so far.

Tips for Castle of Fortune

Tip (1) – Use the “Quit and Collect” game option, if you’re satisfied with earned rewards. By doing this you will atleast get what you earned already.

Tip (2) – Check your earned reward before proceeding to the next level. Take risk based on accumulated rewards and your requirements.

Tip (3)Don’t exit from the game by mistake. In Castle of Fortune, after entering the game, you need to finish the game or ‘Quit and Collect’ before proceeding to the next level of the game. After you exit from game, you won’t go back to the game.

Tip (4) – When you find a dragon trap in a barrel, then to continue the game, spend your Gems wisely based on possible losing rewards. Sometimes it is better to lose all rewards, instead of spending valuable Gems.

That’s it for now,

Hope you find Coin Master Castle of Fortune mini game guide and playing tips helpful.

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