What is Disco Party Promotion in Coin Master? (How to Play it)

The Coin Master game comes with different events and promotions from time to time. Disco Party Promotion is one of them. In this post you will know things about this internal board game.

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What is Disco Party Promotion?

Disco Party Promotion is an internal board game in Coin Master. In this board game you will get a chance to win exciting prizes on every tile.

The Disco Party Promotion board game comes with a “Dance” button and tiles with prizes. You can play this game by tapping the “Dance” button in the game.

This internal game option is available in the Coin Master event. And, be sure to collect Disco Party game rewards before the event ends.

How to play Disco Party Promotion in Coin Master?

Disco Party internal board game is part of promotional events, and available to play with events.

To play a Disco Party Promotion game when it is available, tap on the promotion’s badge and open the internal Disco Party game.

Here, tap green “Dance” button, next game will shuffle tiles with prizes and when you land on any tile, you can collect that tile reward.

A green check mark shown for collected reward items. And, note that, you can only land on each item once.

Dance button

In Disco Party Promotion, you will get the first dance free. It means, “Dance” button is active to tap for the first time.

And, after tapping the “Dance” button, it will change to countdown, which shows time left for your next free dance.

Here, you can remove the countdown and get the dance option by tapping the “Skip Timer …” button. But, Note: that it is a paid option.

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