How to contact Coin Master Support? (Submit a contact request)

In this post, you will learn how to submit a contact request to Coin Master support. Coin Master already gives a list of support FAQs on the support site.


If you have not found your solution from those FAQs. then you can submit a contact request to their support team by following the given process.

Is it a good idea to submit a contact request directly to Coin Master support?

Answer is depend on your issue.

But, good practice is to first find your problem solution from Coin Master support FAQs.

Next, if you do not find any solution from the support site, then it is a good idea to contact the Coin Master support team.

How to submit a contact request to Coin Master support?

On the Coin Master support site, there is “Still need help? Contact us” section available at the end of every support post. By clicking this “Contact us” link, you can open a ticket request form and submit your contact request ticket to Coin master support team.

Here, you can create contact request tickets for different topic issues. Possible topic list is following.

  • Game Features
  • Events & Rewards
  • Cards & Chests
  • Purchases
  • Technical
  • Account Information
  • Friends & Gifts
  • Feedback & Suggestions
  • Other

Now, if you want to contact Coin Master support for other reasons,

For example, purchase request, Coin Master shop, interest, age verification and account request.

Then, you can check this main contact request page, where you can find all the above request forms to make a request to Coin Master.

Note: This blog is a game fan base blog and not an official blog of Coin Master game, and above information is prepared and provided for Coin Master game users help only.