Pokemon Weaknesses – Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

This guide contains some powerful Pokemons weaknesses in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. Guide helps to know Pokemons weaknesses, which is helpful to defeat Pokemons.

Weaknesses are move types in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, which used to defeat Pokemon. You can know about Pokemon weaknesses from the given weaknesses chart list.

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Pokemon weaknesses in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

  • Iron Valiant weaknesses – Steel, Psychic, Flying, Fairy and Poison.
  • Iron Bundle weaknesses – Grass, Electric, Fighting and Rock.
  • Cinderace weaknesses – Water, Ground and Rock.
  • Ghost weaknesses – Dark and Ghost.
  • Persian weaknesses – Fighting.
  • Poison weaknesses – Ground and Psychic.
  • Electric weaknesses – Ground.
  • Mewtwo weaknesses – Bug, Ghost and Dark.
  • Dragon weaknesses – Dragon, Fairy and Ice.
  • Rock weaknesses – Fighting, Grass, Ground, Steel and Water.
  • Water weaknesses – Electric and Grass.
  • Psychic weaknesses – Bug, Dark and Ghost.
  • Ice weaknesses – Fighting, Fire, Rock and Steel.
  • Steel weaknesses – Fighting, Fire and Ground.
  • Palkia weaknesses – Fairy and Dragon.
  • Dark weaknesses – Bug, Fairy and Fighting.
  • Fairy weaknesses – Poison and Steel.
  • Fighting weaknesses – Fairy, Flying and Psychic.
  • Grass weaknesses – Bug, Fire, Flying, Ice and Poison.
  • Gengar weaknesses – Dark, Psychic and Ghost.
  • Ground weaknesses – Grass, Ice and Water.
  • Normal weaknesses – Fighting.
  • Bug weaknesses – Fire, Flying and Rock.
  • Fire weaknesses – Ground, Rock and Water.
  • Flying weaknesses – Electric, Ice and Rock.

From the above list, you will know that Fighting move is a common weakness for some Pokemons. Rock, Grass and Iron Valiant have more weaknesses compared to others.

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