How to Get Flowers in June’s Journey? (Ways Explained)

This guide is about Flowers (Prestige) and all the ways to get Flowers in June’s Journey game. Guide gives overview of Flowers, Flower bar and explain ways to get more Flowers in game.

How to Get Flowers in June’s Journey?

Flowers also known as Prestige are required to reach the next level. There are different ways in the game to get Flowers, which are listed and explained below.

You can get Flowers in June’s Journey by,

Placing Decorations

There are 103+ Decorations in June’s Journey. By placing these Decorations on Orchid Island, you can earn Flowers.

In the game, You can buy Decoration items in the Shop with coins or diamonds, or you can win Decoration items. After getting Decorations place them on the Island to earn Flowers.

Placing and upgrading Buildings

Buildings are decoration items. These items can be placed only on Orchid Island and can’t be put into Storage. Based on Building level, you will get Flowers.

Moreover, Buildings can also generate coins with a maximum capacity of 15 coins. And, as like other Decorations, you can buy it from Shop and upgrade them to max level 5.

Restoring Landmarks

In Orchid Island, you will find 5 Landmarks, which are fixed position buildings. These Landmarks are restored by Mr. Talbot in game.

Landmarks are restored one by one in fixed order and throughout the Landmark restoration process, You will get varying amounts of Flowers.

Jack’s Deliveries

You can also gain Flowers from Jack’s Deliveries feature. This option is available after completing Chapter 6. Here, every delivery destination has different materials requirements and rewards.

In game, as a good practice use material for upgrading your buildings which generates useful coins and help to your progress. But, based on Material Inventory, you can choose Jack’s Deliveries to get rewards.

What are Flowers in June’s Journey?

Flowers in June’s Journey are required to increase your level. In the top right corner, you will find the Flower progress bar, which shows the amount of Flowers required to reach the next level.

In June’s Journey, you can get Flowers by placing Decorations, upgrading Buildings, restoring Landmarks and Jack’s Deliveries. All these ways are explained in the first section of this post.

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Hope you find this June’s Journey Flower guide helpful.