Spike Fruit in Blox Fruits – Complete Guide

Spike Fruit in Blox Fruits guide covers following topics – What is Spike Fruit, How to get Spike Fruit in Blox Fruits, movesets or abilities, combos and related things about Spike Fruit.

What is Spike Fruit in Blox Fruits?

Spike Fruit is a natural type of fruit in Blox Fruits. Rarity of Spike is common. This fruit is added in Update 1 and can be bought from Blox Fruit Dealer.

This fruit is known and sometime hated for its high chance of getting when talking to Blox Fruits Dealer Cousin (and not being very useful).


As of Update 17.3, Spike Fruit has received a large buff.

How to get Spike Fruit in Blox Fruits?

To get Spike in Blox Fruits, you need to buy it from Blox Fruit Dealer. Spike Fruit costs $180000 (game Money), or 380 Robux.

Spike Fruit Blox Fruits
Spike Fruit Blox Fruits

Spike Fruit movesets

  • Spike Summon – User summons multiple spikes and spikes become bigger on hold. Required mastery level 1. Moveset key is Z.
  • Whirlwind – Around dealing damage, the user spins their arms. Hold longer for more damage. Required mastery level 25. Moveset key is key X.
  • Spiky Ball –  User turns into a spiky ball and dragging enemies. Required mastery level 50. Moveset key is key C.
  • Spike Barrage – User summons a row of spikes in the facing direction. For bigger spikes, hold longer. Required mastery level 75. Moveset key is key V.

Spike Fruit combos

Following are some Spike Fruit combos for getting good results.

  • Spikey Trident X + Spike C + Spike X + Electric Claw Z + Electric Claw X + C.
  • Sharkman Karate X, Sharkman Karate Z, Sharkman Karate C, Spike X, Spike C.
  • Dragon Talon X, Spike C, Pole v2 X, Spike X, Dragon Talon Z, Spike V or Z.
  • Spikey Trident X, Spike X (Hold), Superhuman Z, Superhuman C, Spikey Trident Z, Spike C, Spike Z.

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