Team Roles in Coin Master Teams (Complete Guide)

Coin Master teams feature is for group activity. Every team member plays their role to help for team success. Now, there are some special Coin Master team roles you can get to manage and help your team.

Coin Master Team Roles

Following are Coin Master team roles and allowed action they can make with each role.

Team Leader

  • Approve new members (closed teams).
  • Promote or demote players within the team.
  • Remove users.
  • Edit team details.


Can take similar actions like Team Leader (cannot make decisions regarding leaders or other co-leaders).


  • Have all privileges, which normal members have.
  • Help approve or decline new member requests.


  • Can send messages in a team.
  • Request and Trade card & spins.

How to change player’s team role in Coin Master?

  • Open Coin Master Teams.
  • Tap the yellow Info button.
  • Tap player name from members list.
  • Change roles by selecting available action.

Things to know about Team Roles

  • Teams have no limit for Co-leader or Elder.
  • Roles are not automatically assigned.
  • In case, if a Co-leader or Elder is removed from the team, then their position is not replaced automatically.
  • New join or rejoin team player considered as a regular member.

Coin Master Teams guide not complete yet. You can check more teams related information in following post – Coin Master Teams Feature Update (Complete Guide).