Tacomura in Blox Fruits (Things to Know)

This post is about Tacomura NPC in Blox Fruits. You will know about Tacomura – what it is for, location, level and more.

Tacomura in Blox Fruits

tacomura blox fruits

What is it:

Tacomura is NPC in Blox Fruits. This NPC is selling Jaw Shield.


In Blox Fruits, Tacomura’s location is in Castle on the Sea, in Third Sea.


You need at least level 1500 to get to third sea.


The purpose of Tacomura NPC is to give you the Jaw Shield. You will get Jaw Shield from Tacomura when you kill 5 Players in a Public Server with the Player Hunter quests active.

Tacomura says the following line – “Players are so annoying, They won’t let me train!”, when you do not meet the requirements.

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