How to Get Coins in Township? (Get Coins Fast)

Township Coins are like in-game currency. You can use them to grow crops, construct – buildings, houses, factories and decorate your town.

Due to more demand and usages, coins are running out quickly. In this case, a handy list of how to get free coins in Township, helps to earn more coins fast.

Ways to get Coins in Township

There are number of ways to get fast and free coins in Township, including:

  • Daily bonuses – Get coins as daily bonuses by opening a game daily.
  • Fill orders – Earn coins by filling orders at the helicopter pad.
  • Explore mine – You can find coins in earth tiles or treasure chests
  • House of Luck – Play House of Luck to get coins as prizes.
  • Airplanes load – Load and send Airplanes to receive coins for every loaded crate and for fully loaded cargo holds.
  • Chests – Open chests, some chests may give free coins.
  • Help friends – You will earn some coins by giving products to friends for their towns.
  • Sell things – You can sell extra building materials and items from the Barn.
  • Weekly regattas – Take part in weekly regattas to get coins as rewards for strong finishes.
  • Level up – You can get lots of coins as a level up reward.
  • Balloon rewards – Balloons gifts from friends usually give coins as a reward.
  • Watch ads – Get coins as Video ad rewards by watching video ads.
  • Events and mini-games – Get coins by taking part in events and mini-games and completing levels.
  • T-cash – Transact T-cash to coins, in case of more T-cash.
  • In-app purchasePaid option, you can buy coins at the in-game store using real money.

How to earn coins fast in Township?

Using generous customer booster, vibrant market booster and profitable flight booster you can earn coins fast.

  • Generous customer booster – use booster and fill more helicopter orders to earn a lot of coins.
  • Vibrant market booster – use booster with a helicopter booster and having many market boxes helps as well.
  • Profitable flight booster – use booster to earn twice as many coins when filling airplane crates.

Daily bonus rewards

By daily login to township game, you get daily bonus rewards,

  • Day 1 to 4 – coins
  • Day 5 – 3000 coins, 3 clovers, or 1 T-cash (Randomly any one)
  • After day 5 – one of the 3 max rewards daily

That’s it,

Hope you find this get Township coins guide helpful.