How to Add Friends on Dice Dreams: A Simple Guide

Here you will know about Dire Dreams invite friends feature. Beginner things to know about inviting friends. And, how to invite friends and get free rolls and coins rewards.

How to invite friends and get rewards in Dice Dreams?

To invite friends and get free rolls and coins,

  1. Open game main menu.
  2. Click the INVITE FRIENDS option.
  3. Click the green Invite button and send an invite link to friends.
  4. Your friend joins the game.
  5. Complete invite friend bar and collect rewards.

Here, existing players who are Facebook friends are automatically added to your list.

Note: You can only add friends in game, whose games are linked to their Facebook accounts.

Successful invite: Friend download Dice Dreams game first time using your invite friend links. And, register through Facebook in game.

Things to know about Dice Dreams invite friends

  • To invite friends, you need to send an invite link to friends.
  • You get rewards on completing the invite friend target bar.
  • Your friend needs to play a game with Facebook login.
  • In invite friends rewards, you will get Rolls, Coins and game items.
  • You can send an invite link as a private message to friends or post on your social media.

That’s it,

Hope you find this guide helpful to invite friends in Dice Dreams and collect some extra free rolls and coins. Next, also check Dice Dreams free rolls link post for daily rewards.