Knife Hit Bosses (Complete name list)

In the Knife Hit game after every 5 stages, players face a boss to fight. All bosses have different difficulties.

There are Common, Rare and Legendary bosses in the game. In most cases, players face common bosses, but sometimes they face Rare or Legendary bosses.

Knife Hit all Bosses list

If you want to know all the bosses of Knife Bosses list then here is a list for you.

Common Bosses:

Common bosses had knives and apples, some bosses had only apples.

  • The Cheese
  • The Tomato
  • The Lemon
  • The Sushi Roll
  • The Fortune Wheel
  • The Donut
  • The Tire
  • The Viking Shield
  • The Vinyl
  • The Gear
  • The Compass
  • The Matryoshka Doll
  • The BatMan Badge
  • The Moon
  • The Poker Chip
  • The Diamond

Rare Bosses:

Every group of 2 rare bosses owns different stages. Rare bosses did not have apples and knives. Here, rare bosses have a probability to show up.

  • The Peppermint Candy
  • The Soda Can
  • The Shirt Button
  • The Waffle
  • The Dunk Shot Basketball
  • The Life Belt
  • The Wool Ball
  • The Saw Blade

Legendary Bosses:

Every group of 2 legendary bosses owns different stages. Here, legendary bosses have less probability to show up compared to rare bosses.

  • The Apple Pie
  • The Balloon
  • The Disco Ball
  • The Knight Armor
  • The Fan
  • The Grill
  • The Camera
  • The Aqua Suit

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