What is the Super Joker on House of Fun? (Things to Know)

This post is about the House of Fun Super Joker card. What is the Super Joker card, what does it do and how is it different from the Joker card?

Super Joker card in House of Fun

The Super Joker card allows you to pick a missing card, which you want to replace. The Super Joker card is more valuable compared to all other cards.

This card is like, big brother of Joker’s card.

Use of The Super Joker in House of Fun

You can use the Super Joker card to complete your card album, by switching it with your missing card.

Here, you can select a specific missing card and replace the Super Joker card with it.

Difference between Joker and Super Joker in HOF

Joker card and Super Joker card’s main use is same, that is replacement with missing card in album.

But, both have two differences,

First, the Joker card switch to missing card randomly, and with Super Joker card – you have option to pick missing card to be switched with Super Joker card.

Second, the Super Joker card “J” character covered with diamond icon and Joker card have simple “J” character in card.

That’s it,

Hope you find this information helpful.