Family Island Energy and Rubies Links (More Ways to get rewards)

In this post you will know about different ways to get free energy, rubies and more rewards in Family Island game. You will also get a list of latest gift links.

Family Island game shares daily free rewards links on their Facebook page and on YouTube channel community tab. These Family Island promo code links give Energy, Rubies or more free rewards.

You can follow and subscribe to this Family Island page and channel to get daily reward links.

Family Island Energy and Rubies Links

For your convenience here is a list of Family Island reward links, which gathered from the game’s social pages and online sources.

Active Links:

Expired Links:

Things to know about Family Island reward links

  • You can receive rewards once from the link.
  • Links have expired time (approx. 2 days) and expired links do not give any rewards.
  • You can get rewards from Family Island reward links by click and opening link.
  • Given links will not work if you already received rewards from it.

Daily free energy and rubies links are simple and quick options to get free rewards in Family Island game.

Here is Family Island social media pages:

More ways to get Energy, Rubies and rewards on Family Island

Following are some more ways which help you to get free rewards in Family Island game.

Events gift rewards

Game events are full of rewards. Players can complete event tasks and get milestone gifts in game.

Rewards for inviting friends to play game

Invite friends option available when you reach level 4. This invite friends icon option found in game settings or in the store (Energy tab).

You will get your rewards, once your friend joins the game using your invite link and complete tutorial and reach level 4.

Merchant and shaman

Merchant and shaman play a role to exchange resources with the family and give valuable rewards in return.

Here, you can get rewards based on order completion.

Game’s social media page contests & raffles

Game daily share contests & raffles post on its social media pages. In this, content players need to give answers to questions via post comment.

And some lucky winners will get free rewards in the game. Rewards include Gold Saws, Gold Keys, Gold Pickaxes, Gold Shovels and more game resources.

Gift packs

Gift packs are found across all the islands. When you clear the fog and discover new locations, you will find many gift packs. You can find rubies and more items from gift packs.

That’s it,

But, the list is not complete yet. It will be updated from time to time once new ways are found.