Super Egg in Merge Dragons (Things to Know)

This post includes information about the Super Egg of Merge Dragons game. Information includes: Super Egg overview, image, what it does and ways to gain it.

What is a Super Egg in Merge Dragons?

Super Egg in Merge Dragons is an merging item.When you merge Super Eggs, it will create an active Super Egg. Super Egg has mythical rarity. 

What does the super egg do in Merge Dragons?

You can merge 3 Super Eggs for something incredible. On merging, as a by-product, super eggs create an active super egg with a level 3 Life Dragons.

Merge Dragons Super Egg image

Super Egg Merge Dragons
Super Egg Merge Dragons

How to get a super egg in Merge Dragons?

You can get a super egg by merging 3 or 5 super egg fragments, by daily rewards or purchase from Kala’s shop (for 300 Dragon Gems).

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