Merge Dragons Purple Stars (Dragon Stars)

This post contains information about Merge Dragons Purple Stars (Dragon Stars). What is Purple Stars, How to get Purple Stars, Levels for Purple Star farming and more.

Merge Dragons Purple Stars overview

Purple Stars in the Merge Dragons game are Dragon Stars and they are a Legendary rare type of Goal Star.

These purple Dragon Stars merged into Magnificent Dragon Star, this is the highest level of Dragon Stars with Mythical rarity.

Dragon Star and Magnificent Dragon Star used to get Dragon Gems in game.

How to get purple stars in Merge Dragons?

Following are different ways to get Purple Stars (Dragon Stars) in the Merge Dragons game.

  • Complete Camp Quest (Get small chance to receive a Dragon Star)
  • Find Dragon Star under Evil Fog in your Camp.
  • Free level reward: Dragon Star can be selected as level reward(transferred to the Camp), if it lands and remains until the end of level.
  • Merge 3 or 5 Dragon Stars for Magnificent Dragon Star.

By checking the above list you will know where to get purple stars in merge dragons.

Merge Dragons Purple Stars
Merge Dragons Purple Stars

How do you get purple stars back to camp?

Follow given steps to get Purple Stars back to camp in Merge Dragons.

  1. Don’t touch Purple Stars during a level when you get them in level.
  2. At the end of level, Choose rewards for camp (Choose all free stuff and Dragon Star)
  3. Next, return to your Camp.
  4. Now, move and tap the Level Rewards bubble to put purple stars in Camp.

How many times can you tap a purple star in Merge dragons?

You can tap Dragon Start 2-4 times for Gems. Dragon Star will be changed to Fallen Star when tapped out.

You can tap Magnificent Dragon Star 7-11 times for Gems. Dragon Star will be changed to Great Fallen Star when tapped out.

Merge Dragons Purple Stars levels

Merge Dragons Purple Stars farming is a good technique to get Gems in game. In game, you can not predict when you will get Purple Star, but by playing possible Dragon Stars level, you create more chances to get Purple Stars.

In the game, there are some possible levels for purple stars, some levels are quick and easy to complete, give 3 stars and take less chalices.

Following are some fast Merge Dragons Purple Stars farming levels

  • Dread Marsh 3
  • Zomblin Falls 1
  • Skull Grove
  • Quarry 7
  • Fear Isle 1
  • Silent Bay 9
  • Summit 1

There are many other levels too which are good options for Dragons Purple Stars farming. But, based on level time completion, cost of chalices and merge items, above are the recommended levels for Merge Dragons Purple Stars.

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