Dragon Types Merge Dragons (What They Do?)

In Merge Dragons, there are 6 dragon types. These dragon types are based on dragons task abilities.

Here, you will get a list of all dragon types and detail what each type of dragon does.

1. Harvester Dragons

Harvesting is an important activity in gameplay. And, Harvester dragons can harvest game objects faster.

2. Builder Dragons

Buildings in Merge Dragons help to provide a place for dragons or grow your storage. And, Builder dragons can build buildings faster.

3. Defender Dragons

Attacking action used by dragons on Zomblins, Zomblin Caves, Lifeless Rocks, Decayed Logs and Demon Gates to deplete their health.

And, Defender dragons can kill Zomblins and attack objects faster.

4. Trophy Dragons

Trophy dragons are special and rare dragons. These dragons have multiple type dragon abilities.

E.g., Ghastly dragons have Harvesters and Workers dragon’s ability at the same time.

5. Zoomer Dragons

Zoomer dragons can move faster from one place to another. Cosmos Dragons and Rocs are Zoomer dragons.

6. Worker Dragons

Stamina in Camp means the amount of times an actively roaming dragon can build or harvest in Camp, after resting.

And, Worker dragons have more stamina in game.

At Last,

You may like to know that, Crimson dragons are the only breed without a dragon type.

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