How to trade Gold Cards in Coin Master?

Many Coin Master beginner players have this question: How do I trade Gold Cards in Coin Master. Here is a detailed answer for this question.

How to trade Gold Cards in Coin Master?

Gold Cards can only be traded in Coin Master special events. These special events allow specific two Gold Cards to be traded for a limited time only.

During special events, you can trade (either request or offer) event specific Gold Cards with friends.

Gold Cards trade events available frequently in Coin Master. You will automatically know about these events, because the game will notify you that “These Gold Cards are now tradable”.

Things to know about Gold Cards trade in Coin Master

  • To trade Gold Card, you must have Gold Card.
  • Gold Cards can only trade in Coin Master special events.
  • Coin Master shows event popup when Gold Cards are tradeable.
  • You can only trade Gold Cards which are allowed in special events.
  • You can request or offer Gold Card on Coin Master Official Trading Group or direct to your friend.

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