How to Add or Remove Friends on Merge Dragons? (Friends Feature Explained)

Things like – Add or Remove friends and send or receive gifts from friends managed from Merge Dragons “Friends” feature.

How to unlock Friends feature in Merge Dragons?

Friends feature in the Merge Dragons game unlocks when you have at least 7 Dragon power.

When the Friends feature is unlocked for you, you will get prompted to create your profile by naming your camp and selecting avatar. Once you complete these profile things, the Friends menu will be available for you.

Where can I find the Friends Menu option in Merge Dragons?

Friends Menu icon (three person with + sign) can be found at bottom right corner of the game screen.

This Friends menu icon is available between Dragon Book and Buy Menu icon. In the Friends Menu popup, you will get Friends, Messages and Add Friends tabs.

How to add friends on Merge Dragons?

For add friends in the Merge Dragons game, first you need to have the unlocked Friends feature.

To add friends, first tap the “Friends” menu icon from the bottom right corner. Next, from the popup, open “Add Friends” tab.

From the “Add Friends” tab, you can search friends by tag(unique 10 letter tag) and add in game, or add friends from game suggested accounts.

Note: Tag name is different from name you set for your camp and it can not be modified. Merge Dragons players can check their tag name from the “Add Friends” tab. User tag name is given at the bottom of the popup window.

How to remove friends on Merge Dragons?

In the Merge Dragons game, you can remove added friends by making them block(you can also report about the player).

To remove friends, first open the Friends menu and Friends tab. Here, tap on a friend’s name to open remove options.

By doing this, you will get the Block or Report option for a friend. Now, tap Block and remove a friend.

In future, you can unblock that friend from the Friends list tab.

Friend Gifts in Merge Dragons game

Friend Gifts are part of the Friends feature in the Merge Dragons game. Every 23 hours, you can send 5 Friends Gifts in the game. After the gifts counter reset, you can send gifts again.

Gifts details available in Friends feature’s “Messages” tab. Maximum 20 Gifts can be stored in messages inbox and after that your friend can’t receive new gifts.

That’s it,

Hope you find this Merge Dragons Friends feature guide helpful.

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