What is Foothills 3 in Merge Dragons?

Foothills 3 is a level 87 in the Merge Dragons and costs 3 Chalice. Foothills level is full of healing goddesses. In this level you will get a different Quest.

For example, 

Quest 1: Create a greater goddess of healing.

Quest 2: Have 4 dragons.

Quest 3:  Heal all the land.

How long does it take to get to foothills 3 in Merge Dragons?

It is based on your playing consistency. In most cases, it takes 2-3 weeks, if you are consistent.

Period of time to reach Foothills 3 level depends on the player’s activity in the game. It means, time players spend daily on game, how fast complete game levels and more.

Foothills 3 is level number 87 in Merge Dragons, so based on level number and your average level completion speed, you can estimate, how far is Foothills 3 in Merge Dragons for you.

How long does it take to complete Merge Dragons Foothills 3?

With an average cost of 3 hours waiting time for each stage and normal playing frequency Foothills 3 may take 12-13 days to complete.

But, at the end it all depends on players’ game strategies and game playing time. So, it is not possible to determine the exact time in which any player can complete Foothills 3 level.

What are possible rewards in Foothills 3?

Rock Dragon Egg, Fledgling Puddle, Lawn Grass and Draken Grail are possible rewards in Foothills 3.

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