Merge Dragons Events Types and List (Things to Know)

This post includes an overview of Merge Dragons event, type of events and list of events.

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What are events in Merge Dragons?

Events in the Merge Dragons game are time based implementations, they are available with theme and special rewards.

For events, the required Merge Dragons app update is usually available 2-3 days before a new Event starts.

In most cases, events last for 72 hours(3 days) and will start the Friday of the week of the Event update release.

Note, to take part in the event, users required active internet connection.

Merge Dragons event types

Following are 4 types of events in the Merge Dragons game.

In-Camp Events

In-Camp type events can play in your camp. Users get unique items and exclusive dragons.

To participate in this type of event, users need at least 250 dragon powers.

Out-of-Camp Events

In Out-of-Camp Events, you can get unique items and exclusive dragons.

To unlock these events, dragon power thresholds are changed from time to time. For example, 35, 70 and now require 450 dragon power.


These are longer events (e.g., 28 days), need more dragon powers(2000, 3000), users can play everywhere and collect rewards.

Den Events

These events are a new type of out-of-Camp events. You can take part in Den events by joining an existing Den or you can create your own.

Note, you will not be allowed to leave and join Den in the middle of the event. In such cases, you will be unable to continue playing.

List of Merge Dragons events

Here is the list of events in the Merge Dragons game.

  • Magic Moon Event
    • Lunar Light Event
    • Fly Me to the Moon Event
    • Moonlight Bunny Event
    • Under the Moon Event
  • Halloween Event
    • Fa-boo-lous Halloween Event
  • Thanksgiving Event
    • Fall Event
  • Christmas Event
    • Oh Christmas Tree! Event
  • Ancient Games
  • Zen Dragon Event
    • Shogun Shiba Event
    • Sakura Dream Event
  • St. Valentine’s Day Event
    • Valentine’s Day Event
    • Sweet Surprise Event
    • Red Rose Event
    • My Sweet Valentine Event
    • Rekindling the Flame Event
  • Easter Event
  • Earth Day Event
    • Ocean Breeze Event
    • Frozen Seas Event
    • Healing Waves Event
  • Toy Event
    • Playing with the Past Event
    • Toys Galore Event
    • Let’s Partoy Event
  • Fairy Tale Event
    • Once Upon a Time Event
    • Shrooms & Fairies Event
    • Bloom Shrooms Event
  • Summer Event
    • Magical Summer Event
    • Summer Dreaming Event
  • Pet Event
    • Claws and Paws Event
    • Purrfect Paws Event
    • Bone Appetit Event
    • Flowering Felines Event
  • Year’s End Celebration Event
  • Chinese New Year Event
    • The Year of the Rat Event
    • Dragon Boat Event
    • The Year of the Ox Event
  • Carnival Event
    • Calypso Carnival Event
    • Fun Fair Event
  • Owlympus Event
    • Atlantis Event
    • The Odyssey Event
  • Fire and Ice Event
  • Midsummer Event
  • Camp & Chill Event
  • Dessert Night Event
    • Star Oasis Event
  • Hathor Hearts Event
  • Moon Juice Event
  • Best of 2019 Event
  • Froopy Flight Event
  • Mortyablo Deja Moo Event
  • Summer Delight Event
  • Friendship Event
  • Merge Dragons! Birthday Event
  • Sailing to the Sun Event
  • Sugar Fruits Event
    • Healing Crystals Event
  • Happy New Year Event
    • Happy 2021 Event
    • Happy 2022 Event
  • Den Events
    • Flufflands Event
    • Fluff Mountain Event
    • Fluff Cove Event
    • Frogan Wells Event)

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