How to Get Stars in Pet Master Game? (2 Ways Explained)

Stars in the Pet Master game used to measure player’s game progress and rank on the leaderboard.

Every player has a number of stars in game account and these stars are collected by playing game.

In this post you will get an explained list of ways to get stars in Pet Master game.

How to get stars in Pet Master game:

Following are different ways to get stars in the Pet Master game.

1. Collect new cards

When you collect any new card, you will get a number of stars that appear above the card name.

2. Build village

Players will get one lucky star when upgrading village items. And, when any player attacks your village and damages village items, you will lose a star.

But, don’t worry, when you repair a village item, you will get a star back to your account.

That’s it.

So, you will get stars in Pet Master by collecting new cards and building or repairing village items.