How To Get Dice on a Pet Master Game? (6 Ways Explained)

To play a mini dice board game in Pet Master, users need dice in the game account. Here, you will find 6 ways to get dice on a Pet Master game.

Let’s get started,

1. Daily 6 free dices

Pet Master gives 6 free dice to roll on a daily basis. These free dice are given in the user’s game account with an interval of 4 hours.

It means, 1 free dice in every 4 hour. And, total 6 dice in 24 hours.

2. Spin machine

When three dice are shown in the Pet Master spin machine result, players get dice in game.

Here, the number of dice wins can be differ based on the spin bet.

3. Dice board game

Free dice is one of the gift items on Pet Master mini board game tiles.

If a raccoon stops on a dice gift tile, then the user will get that dice gift (1,2 or more dice).

4. Village completion

On completing village level in Pet Master, users get reward gifts. These reward items can have free dice for the game.

5. Promotional package

Promotion packages in the Pet Master game include free and paid items. These promotional packages display on the popup screen.

Game shows a “FREE” button with free package items and a cost button with paid items.

Here, users can get dice items with the “FREE” button, if it is available in promotion.

6. Buy dice package

In the Pet Master game, users have a store screen for in-app purchase of different game items. From this game store users can also purchase the Dice package.

More on this, users can also get pop ups to buy dice packages from the Pet Master mini board game.

Note: These options are paid options and users need to pay real money for this.

Pet Master Dice Board Game
Pet Master Dice Board Game

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Hope you find all ways helpful.